Jean Mikoyan was born in a town that can only charitably be called 'remote.' His parents worked in an obscure discipline of ichthyology that required them to move often at the behest of the U.S. government. These early years taught Jean about the cultures and philosophies of many nations, and ignited his desire to explore the unknown.
 His dedication to the grand story of life brought him many places, including a regrettable 22 months in prison on the man-made island of Oceania. It was there that he learned to play guitar, using an aluminum guitar welded during spare hours in the lockdown workshop.
 His music reflects the churning turmoil within all of us, seen through empathic and world-weary eyes. Songs of love and despair that reach across cultures and take stock of the salty men and women around the earth. Already established in many places around the world, Jean has decided to bring his music to America in these troubled times.


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